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Southside Records is a division of Marburg Records and a full service Record & Music Promotion Agency. We distribute your records worldwide in digital and physical form. We´re not a classical music label. We offer our service for everybody who looks for a great partner to distribute music. Also we accompany you from your idea to the ready product. Our partners are Recording Studios, Music Producers, CD/VINYL/TAPE/DVD/BLURAY Manufacures and Merchandise Manufactures. And if you´re a part of the southside family, you can join all this service provider for a special offer price. But what is it worth to have a label, if no one knows that your music is in the shops? For this issue we have  great promotion options for you. All that for a reasonable price. Check our services and try how easy you can deliver your music to your fans worldwide. Don´ t hesitate to get in contact with us to learn more about your great future in the music biz!

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